Exhibitor Registration


Exhibitor Information

 All companies supporting the Eastern Allergy Conference in 2019 will be acknowledged at the appropriate level in the meeting binders, the EAC web site and associated literature distributed prior to and during the meeting  

Exhibit Booths

  A contribution of $4,000.00, for a single booth, to be designated as an Exhibitor.  Premium position and double booths are available. Acknowledgement would be listed in our meeting handbooks and associated literature distributed during the meeting. 

Exhibitor set-up will be Thursday from 3:00-6:00pm, and Friday from 6:30-7:30 am

Exhibit hall hours will be Friday and Saturday from 7:30-12:30pm

Breakdown will follow Saturday at 12:30-2:00pm

Materials may be shipped to:

     The Breakers

     attn: Eastern Allergy Conference

     1 South County Road

     Palm Beach FL 33480

Application and Contract for Exhibit Booth

 Click on the below link for the Application and contract information 

Exhibitor Contract and Application

Hold Harmless Clause

 The exhibiting company assumes the entire responsibility and hereby agrees to protect, indemnify,defend and save the Eastern Allergy conference, The Breakers Hotel, and Creative Meeting Planners and their employees and agents harmless against all claims, losses and damages to persons or property,governmental charges or fines and attorneys fees arising out of or caused by exhibitors installation,removal, maintenance, occupancy or use of the exhibition premises or part thereof, excluding any such liability cause by the sole negligence of the Breakers Hotel, its employees and agents. In addition, the exhibitor acknowledges that the Eastern Allergy Conference, the Breakers Hotel and Creative Meeting Planners do not maintain insurance covering the exhibitors property and that it is the sole responsibility of the exhibitor to obtain business interruption and property damage insurance covering such losses by the exhibitor 

Exhibitor Contract and Application